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Aldactone belong to a group called diuretics. You may have gone to a query because it had swollen knees and was gasping for air. If you have congestive heart failure, including severe heart failure, these situations can happen and result from the decreased ability of your heart to pump blood due to excess fluid in the body. Your heart has to work harder to get rid of excess fluid in your body, your doctor has prescribed Aldactone to help eliminate this excess fluid, which means less work for your heart. This liquid will be eliminated in the form of urine. For this reason, while taking Aldactone, you may need to go to the bathroom more often. You can also take Aldactone for the following diseases: - nephrotic syndrome - a change of the kidney that causes accumulation of fluid in your body. - Ascites - excess liquid in the abdomen, caused for example by liver cirrhosis. - Primary aldosteronism - excess fluid in the body caused by excess of a hormone, aldosterone. - Essential hypertension (which may be associated with other medications to control voltage)