Legalon 140mg 60 tabs

  • Legalon 140mg 60 tabs
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    Legalon 140mg 60 tabs

    Legalon 140mg 60 tabs

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legalon® acts as a stabilizer of hepatocyte membranes, protecting its integrity, and thus the physiological function of the liver; protects experimentally liver cell from the harmful effects of endogenous toxic substances and / or exogenous.
Thus, Legalon® acts beneficially as an adjunct in the treatment of chronic inflammatory liver disease, cirrhosis and hepatotoxic injuries, promoting rapid improvement of clinical symptoms, such as headache, asthenia, anorexia, digestive disorders, epigastric sense of weight, etc.
In animals, silymarin demonstrated accelerate the regeneration of liver parenchyma apparently enhancing RNA synthesis in the liver.