Payment of your order by bank transfer:

Here, we explain the whole procedure to pay for purchases by bank transfer.

To make the transfer (directly to your bank or online), use our bank transfer payment details (it will be sent, after order confirmation).

Note: To expedite the process of withdrawing and submitting your order, we recommend that you write down the last 4 numbers of your order (for example, 1322) in the title of your bank transfer. Warning: Do not specify the nature of the transaction (it does NOT MENTION STEROIDS)

Once the transfer is made. Please send a photo of your Bank Transfer receipt in readable handwriting. Include your order number to simplify and expedite the preparation of the shipping package.

Each bank transfer takes less than 48 hours (European zone) to be received and validated by our Customer Service Department. The terms vary depending on the issuing bank.

The orders for payment are valid for a period of 4 days from the sending of the data for payment. After this deadline and not being transferred, the orders are CANCELED.

After confirming your payment, we will ship your order within 24 hours of the average (business days).

Your tracking number that will allow you to track the delivery of your package will be sent by email. This number is available in your customer space.

Payment by credit card:

VIP Clients Only

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For any questions, feel free to contact our customer service, who will be happy to answer all your requests within 24 hours.