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Like all oily solutions, Testoviron Depot must be injected only by deep intramuscular injection. The short term reactions (sore throat, coughing, dyspnea), which in individual cases may appear during or immediately after the intramuscular injection of oily solutions, can be prevented, according to experience, by applying very slowly injection.

In the treatment of carcinomas, the androgenoterapia does not replace surgery or radiotherapy.

Adjunctive therapy of progressive breast carcinoma in postmenopausal The i.m. Depot Testoviron of 250 mg every 2 weeks provides objective remissions in a number of cases. Often, there is reduction in pain and observed a noticeable improvement of the general condition, and
very advantageous to the mental stimulation effect of testosterone. Especially often observed it is an improvement in bone metastases.

To maintain a positive effect is sometimes necessary to shorten the intervals between injections.