Sustanon 250mg/ml

  • Sustanon 250mg/ml
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    Sustanon 250mg/ml

    Sustanon 250mg/ml

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What is Sustenon and what it is used Sustenon is used in adult men as testosterone replacement therapy to treat various health problems caused by testosterone deficiency (male hypogonadism). This should be confirmed by two separate measurements of testosterone in the blood and should include clinical symptoms such as: impotence; Infertility; Reduced sexual desire; Fatigue; depressive states; Bone mass reduction caused by low levels of the hormone. Sustenon injectable solution is a clear, pale yellow that contains the active substance in 4 ways testosterone (250 mg / ml). The active substances of Sustenon (see section 6) are transformed into testosterone by your body. Testosterone is a male hormone known as androgen natural. In men testosterone is produced by the testes and is necessary for normal growth, development and functioning of sexual organs and sexual characters