Nabolic Strong 50mg/ml

  • Nabolic Strong 50mg/ml
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    Nabolic Strong 50mg/ml

    Nabolic Strong 50mg/ml

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Injectable anabolic high concentration

Benefits: Nabolic Strong is an anabolic based injectable Stanozolol, specifically designed for high competition horses. Its high concentration (50 mg x ml each) gives a high anabolic power and allows them to extend the time interval between applications. Stanozolol, is characterized by very high anabolic capacity and lower capacity among all androgenic anabolic steroids, a characteristic that puts it among the best anabolic for horses.

Notes: Strong Nabolic is provided for the recovery of bodies damaged by advanced age, illness and convalescence thereof, traumatic injuries or overwork. It is useful ally in cases of fractures, orthopedic disorders, muscular dystrophies and bone deficiencies in general. It also is indicated as an appetite stimulant and to increase the power and vitality.