Trensim NovoCrine (metribolone) 100 tabs 1mg

  • Trensim - Novo Crine
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    Trensim NovoCrine (metribolone) 100 tabs 1mg

    Trensim NovoCrine (metribolone) 100 tabs 1mg

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Trensim Oral 1mg also known as methyltrienolone or R1881 is a very potent non-aromatizable androgen which has also been used as a photoaffinity label for the androgen receptor. It is the 17-methylated derivative of trenbolone and its similarly potent but with high potential for hepatotoxicity.

Trenasim Oral 1mg (metribolone, methyl-trenbolone) is considered to be even more potent than the compound is derived from (trenbolone). This drug was first developed in the 1960's and was used clinically in the 60's and 70's mainly for the treatment of advanced cases of breast cancer. Its exceedingly strong anabolic/androgenic action helps the drug counter the local effects of endogenous estrogens lending it some efficacy for slowing or even regressing tumor growth. More relalistic evaluations of the drug's toxicity soon led to the end of its use in human medicine and has been used ever since with great success as a research chemical in non human research studies especially those pertaining to the study of the androgen receptor activity.

Trenbolone Oral 1mg has a high liver toxicity which can be considered dangerous but low to moderate used of the drug in humans can be considered. 

Metribolone (Trenasim oral 1mg) is one of the strongest anabolic steroid to ever be developed. Its potency has been measured at 120-300 times greater than that of methyltestosterone with greater dissociation between anabolic and androgenic effects. Milligram for milligram, methyltrienbolone (Trenasim Oral) is a more active steroid than any agent sold on the commercial market, requiring doses aas little as 0.5mg to 1mg per day to notice strong anabolic effect. The effects of this drug would be similar to those seen from the powerful hormone trenbolone. Users can except a gain in solid muscle mass and dramatically increased strenght.

Although it isn't converted to estrogen, it is important to note that metribolone (Trenasim Oral 1mg) does bind to the progestrone receptor which can lead to progesterone related side effects. These side effects can be similar to those seen from estrogen build-up and include things such as water and fat retention and even gynecomastia.