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VigRX Plus is the All Natural Male Erection Enhancement Pills.


60 Tablets (Supplement for one month)

World leading product for increased male virility.

VigRx Plus is 100% natural and has no side effects:

-It will increase up to 7cm the size of your penis.
-It will increase the circulation of the penis.
- Larger, harder and longer erections when desired.
-It will increase your libido and your sexual stamina.
-It will have more powerful or intense orgasms.
- Will forget the frustrating premature ejaculation.
-Will earn self-esteem, confidence and quality of life.

Results of a normal clinical study with VigRx Plus:
- Improved health in general.
-General feeling of youth and vigor.
-More sexual pleasure.
- Toning and strengthening effect of the sexual glands.
(VigRx Plus contains vasodilators of the peripheral tissue of the penis).
-Treatment of stressors and anxiety (adaptogens) with restoring nutrients of the nervous system.
- Greater resistance and greater libido to better circulation and greater cardiovascular power.

With VigRx Plus we achieve the perfect balance:
This revolutionary product is one of the same manufacturers as the world-renowned VigRX, but has three additional ingredients that make VigRX Plus one of the most powerful sexual performance products on the market. This highly recommended male sexual performance product uses potent active ingredients like Bioperine® and several ancient Chinese herbs that significantly increase circulation.

It takes 2 to 3 weeks to start feeling the benefits of VigRX Plus.

At first it will achieve a longer and longer lasting erection. In weeks 4-8 you will notice an increase in the length and thickness of your penis. Even when you are not excited your penis will stay longer and thicker. From week 9 you will see the absolute power of VigRX Plus, as your penis should look and feel firmer, stronger and longer.

What is the growth I can expect from VigRX Plus?
With VigRX Plus it has already been proven that it is capable of increasing up to 7 inches of growth, but growth varies from person to person. The fact that of the 500 thousand VigRX Plus sold in the market only 1% of them have been returned and that VigRX Plus has surpassed another great product of the same kind on the market, you can clearly see the benefits of taking VigRX Plus.

How long do I have to take VigRX Plus?

Below is a realistic table of expected results when excited:

• Month 1

- You can start waiting, get more lasting erections, such as noticing an expansion of the width of your penis when erect.

• Month 2

- You will see more dramatic changes such as a greater increase in size and thickness and also in your sexual stamina.

• Month 3 and beyond

- At this stage, when you have an erection your penis looks and feels firmer, stronger and more solid than you dreamed to be possible.

What are the ingredients of VigRX Plus?
VigRx Plus is a unique blend of the freshest and most refined ingredients available (Bioperine® - clinically tested to increase the absorption speed of plant supplements). The extraordinary ingredients in VigRX Plus work directly on male genitalia, affecting hormone levels, blood flow and penile cells.

Each VigRX Plus tablet contains:
Bioperine®, Damiana, Tribulus Terrestris, Red Asian Ginseng, Saw Palmetto Berry, Hawthorn Berry, Gingko Biloba Leaf, Catuaba Bark Extract, Muira Pauma Bark Extract, Cuscuta Seed Extract, Epimedium Leaf Extract.


Then you may be interested in trying out the male enhancement product that really works to increase your sexual libido, sexual pleasure and stamina. Vigrx Plus is the best-selling product and for the reason. However, you may be skeptical and wonder how it actually works. I'll explain in this post.

Vigrxplus has included 10 effective natural ingredients that are selected in the product because they all have great effect in increasing your sexual health. The ingredients of the product target nitric oxide levels and help your body relax the important muscles in your penis. This process increases the blood flow to the penis and makes your erections bigger, thicker and stronger. It also helps to have erections more often. You are able to satisfy your partner better and get more pleasure from yourself. Because of the increased blood flow also your orgasms will be much stronger.

Administration and dosage

2 Capsules per day (preferably one in the morning, one in the evening)

Just two capsules a day can change your sex life completely and effect your entire life as well. The ingredients are all natural and safe to use and the product does not have any side effects.