Vigour 800 Azul

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    Vigour 800 Azul

    Vigour 800 Azul

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Vigour 800 Blue (Vigour 800 Blue Pill), natural substitute for increased efficiency with rapid effect, and in addition to stimulating is also a natural aphrodisiac and extracted a set of plants and subjected to a rigorous process of manufacture. It is used for ameliorating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and prolong intercourse.

100% Natural highly concentrated and fast - contains no chemicals or drugs in their composition.


What is used Vigour?

Allows quick and consistent erection
Improves performance and sexual desire
-Reduces Sexual fatigue, paving the way for other ejaculations
-Retarda Ejaculation phase
-Active renal function
-Increase The testicular secretion
Helps prevent prostate and similar diseases.



Vigour A box contains 10 tablets.


The Vigour have side effects?

The Vigour 800 Blue in exceptional cases may manifest side effects, for example a headache, stomach problems, runny nose, or a certain inflame the face or body. These side effects will disappear within a few hours, so stop receiving sexual stimulation. If you have a side effect that bothers you for a long time, we recommend contacting your doctor.